Pet Grooming in Green Cove Springs, FL

Green Cove Animal Hospital offers limited pet grooming services for our clients. While we are not a full-service pet grooming facility, you can think of us more like a spa service for dogs and cats. We hope you’ll give us a call when it’s time for your pet’s next spa trip!

Before Your Pet’s Appointment

We do ask that all pets be up-to-date on their vaccines before you bring them in for a grooming appointment. This includes:

  • Cat vaccines: FVRCP & rabies
  • Dog vaccines: Distemper, bordetella, canine influenza & rabies

Pet Grooming Services

Here are the routine pet grooming services provided at Green Cove Animal Hospital:

  • Routine bath
  • Medicated bath
  • Both bath types include brushing & blow-dry
  • Nail trimming
  • Potty cuts & shave downs
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear cleaning & plucking

If we find fleas on your pet during a grooming session, which is common during the summer months, we will administer Capstar to your pet to get them free and clear of infestation.

If you have any special requests for your pet’s haircut, please let your pet groomer know when the session begins!

Health Benefits of Pet Grooming

Grooming your pet helps them to look healthy and clean, but there are additional benefits to our services. Brushing tangles and mats of fur out of your pet’s coat. This allows the distribution of natural oils throughout the animal’s coat, which keeps them looking clean and healthy long-term.

Face, ear and paw trimming prevent the buildup of dirt or other irritants in those areas. Nail trimming is also really important. Long nails in pets can lead to chiropractic issues and can cause joint pain and stiffness.

Regular vs. Medicated Baths

A regular bath with a specially formulated dog or cat shampoo is appropriate for most pets. Medicated baths are recommended for pets that might have skin issues.

Pets with skin allergies, seborrhea, thyroid disease, or a flea infestation can benefit from a medicated bath. A medicated bath soothes skin and gives your pet relief from itching and pain that might be associated with these conditions.

Call us for Your Next Pet Grooming Session

If your pet has a diagnosed skin condition, needs a haircut, or is getting a little smelly, give us a call at 904-284-5624! We’ll get you scheduled for a pet grooming session with our groomer.