Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Sherry Rowe

DVM, Owner

Dr. Sherry Rowe is originally from Mississippi. She went to Auburn University for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. She and her husband met in undergrad and then reunited in vet school. They married shortly after graduating. Together, they moved to the panhandle of Florida. They knew they always wanted to live near warm sunshine and beaches. They purchased this practice in 2017.

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She has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a child. She likes the problem-solving involved in medicine; although, sometimes it can be frustrating as well. She thinks the part that means the most to her is the very first puppy or kitten visit and the very last visit where they say goodbye. There is nothing more meaningful than that very first visit where you get to celebrate a new life and that very last visit where you celebrate the wonderful life the owners gave the pet.

Dr. Sherry Rowe knew she was in the right profession when she shadowed at a small animal clinic and an equine clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoyed every moment of it! She had already tried another career in research science and knew immediately that she needed a change. She quit the Ph.D. program at the University of Birmingham and went back to school at Auburn.

She is a member of the AVMA, FVMA, and JVMA (Jacksonville Vet Med Association). She received The Gold Star Award from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association which is awarded to members who have contributed much of their time and energy to the Association and/or a local association for the advancement of veterinary medicine and the profession. It is important to be involved in our local and national associations so that we can continue to advocate for the best quality of medicine for our pets and the best quality of life for our vets and staff.

Her family consists of her husband, Michael Ruby (the other vet in our practice), and our two children Alvin and Thomas. Her mom, Cheryl, recently moved from Florida to be with their family as well. They are all so lucky to live where they do. They are outdoorsy and active. They try to enjoy all parts of the area we live in from the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp minor league baseball team to the beaches of St. Augustine to the Natural Science Museum in Gainesville. They are members of the Jacksonville Zoo and the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. They are also frequent fliers at the local coffee shop and restaurants.

Dr. Michael Ruby

DVM, Owner

Dr. Michael Ruby was born and raised outside of Orlando, FL in a town called Winter Park. All of his higher education was at Auburn. He got his BS in 2004, MS in 2006, and DVM in 2010. He came to Green Cove because of the clinic.

He started working in the field because he always knew he wanted to work with animals but didn’t know in what capacity. He finally started volunteering at a local clinic in Orlando and from the first time he saw an orthopedic surgery, he was hooked.

Dr. Michael Ruby is married to Dr. Sherry Rowe and together they have two boys, Alvin age 6, and Thomas age 4. They have 3 cats named Paisley, Ruby Q, and Orange Frenzy.