Meet Our Staff

Savanah C.

Practice Manager

Savanah lives in Palatka, FL which is about an hour from the clinic. She started in veterinary medicine when she was 15 and worked her way up from kennel all the way to Practice Manager.

She has always had a soft spot for animals. When she was little she always told her dad that when she grew up she was going to be a “doggy doctor”. That may not have happened, but she is still just as happy helping this hospital run and grow to its full potential. The sky is the limit here and she loves it. She loves the challenge that each case poses and the personal reward and satisfaction of success for every team member are what she chases every day.

After majoring in human health science and having to shadow at hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice centers, she knew that human medicine was not the thing for her! So she switched gears and went full throttle into veterinary medicine. She took online classes, night classes, and A LOT of on-the-job training to get to where she is today. She has worn many hats in this field, and this one is my favorite so far.

Her family consists of herself, her husband, their little boy, and of course their cats and dogs. They enjoy the outdoors, fishing, swimming, and just simply being together.

Jessica T.

VA Manager

Bio coming soon!

Sean G.

Veterinary Assistant

Sean was born and raised in Orange Park Florida where he went to Ridgeview Highschool then to St. Johns River State College where he completed his Associates of the Arts. Now he is a student at the University of North Florida working towards a bachelor of Biochemistry.

As a freshman in high school, he started to work in animal husbandry when he was 14 years old by volunteering with the Jacksonville zoo and gardens. He spent 4 years volunteering with the zoo as a conservation specialist and teen lead. Since then he has spent time working at other clinics before he came to GCAH and found where he wanted to stay. Sean has always loved animals and has always wanted to help take care of them having grown up with dogs his entire life.

He knew this was the profession for him when he was part of a case where the dog had lost motor function in their hips and with treatments they were able to help get the animal walking again.

Sean is an eagle scout and at home, loves to care for his two dogs, garden and aquariums. He also enjoys camping or nature walks with his partner or going on adventures to see the world.

Catherine P.

Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Mandy H.

Veterinary Assistant

Mandy grew up in central Florida and moved to Bostwick in 2001. She started going to City College in 2015 and graduated with honors in 2018 with an AS degree in veterinary technology.

Working with animals has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She’s been around animals all her life and has always felt a connection to them more than she has to people. Her first best friend was actually a dog. She feels it’s not only her duty to stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves, but it’s also a privilege. She absolutely loves what she does.

Mandy knew she was in the right profession when her first emergency patient walked out and got to go home. It amazes her every day how her patients trust her enough to do her job of helping them in any way that she can or needs to. She gets paid in love and kisses for sure.

Outside of work, she loves to read, swim and hang out with her kiddos and her many fur babies.

Donovan L.

Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Ari C.

Veterinary Assistant

Ari was born in Temple, Texas, and moved all over the south of the U.S., graduating High School early in 2017 in Southern California. She moved to Florida in 2019 after working with a Service Dog organization in east Texas for a year and a half. She started working on getting her Certified Dog Trainer and behavior specialist CDT, CPDT-KA Certification, and Dog trainer Certificate from CATCH Dog Trainers Academy in 2021.

When she lived in California, she volunteered at a local animal shelter and eventually adopted her first dog, Annie, from there. Annie lit a fire in her soul and she grew to love working with animals. She was the first dog she ever trained as a Service Dog and hasn’t been able to stop since. In early 2021 she was hired at an animal shelter and her love and compassion for helping animals grew.

She knew she was in the right profession when she realized how much of a change she can make in animals’ and people’s lives. She strives to give the best advice and the best help, care, and understanding she possibly can. GCAH has really made her love being in the veterinary industry.

Ari currently owns a dog training business and is working on gaining all of her certifications to open up a dog training facility in the future. She is very passionate about dog breed preservation and works with many good breeders in the area. In her free time, she enjoys working with her Standard Poodle, Astrid, playing video games, or hanging out with her friends.

Emily D.

CSR Manager

Emily shadowed and volunteered at Green Cove Animal Hospital during her senior year to help decide if the veterinary industry was the right career path for her. (It was!) She was initially hired at Green Cove Animal Hospital in April of 2019 and was an employee until March 2022.

She has always had a passion for working with Animals, as a high schooler she volunteered at local shelters. Her favorite thing about working with animals is seeing the infectious smile that a pet brings to its owner’s face.

She has a shepherd boxer mix named Haydee who loves to play fetch, go on boat rides, and play with her brother Loki. Loki is a domestic longhair aptly named after the Norse God and lives up to his mischievous namesake.

Jose M.


Jose grew up in Green Cove Springs. He began working in the veterinary industry because of his love and passion for animals. His favorite thing about working with animals is seeing how much they love their family and how loved and spoiled they are for it!

Outside of work he usually boxes or relaxes with his dog, Chopper. Jose recently took up piano classes because he likes to grow and try new things.