Mannered Mutts

We are excited to announce that we are starting our new program, Mannered Mutts! In this program, your pooch will learn things such as: basic commands, how to behave at the vet, walking on a leash, socialization, and desensitization to different things.

We will collaborate monthly in groups of four for a total of four sessions. Our certified trainer will work with you and your pet to achieve desired results using positive, fear free techniques. Each participant will receive a training bag with the necessary items to use during these sessions. A progress report will also be given so we can track how well you are all doing throughout the month.

Our space is limited, so we are on a first come first serve basis. Payment in full is due before the first session. Once paid, it is non-refundable. For more information and costs, please call 904-284-5624.

We look forward to working with you and your furry friend!!

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