Appointment Policy

At Green Cove Animal Hospital our goal is to provide high quality individualized medical care in a timely manner. We strive to be on time for scheduled appointments and ask that clients give us the courtesy of a call the day prior if unable to keep an appointment. This allows us to staff appropriately and keeps us from delaying treatment for sick animals in anticipation of a scheduled appointment. As a courtesy we provide confirmation calls, emails, and text messages prior to scheduled appointments in an effort to avoid “no shows” for appointments.


How to Cancel An Appointment

If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require that you inform us no later than the day before to avoid a “no show.”

What is a “no show”?

A “no show” is an appointment cancelled or reschedule the day of the appointment. Arriving late by 30 minutes or more for a scheduled appointment is also a “no show”.

What happens on my first “no show”?

The first time there is a “no show” our staff will call to check on the well being of you and your pet and to reschedule the appointment.

What happens on my second “no show”?

Again we will check on you and your pet. At this point we will require a $35 Appointment Reservation Fee to hold your allotted room and time for your next scheduled appointment. This fee will go towards your appointment fees when you come to your appointment. If you “no show” for the next scheduled appointment, this fee will be non-refundable and will not go towards any future appointments. If you have two “no shows” in a calendar year, at the scheduling of each appointment an Appointment Reservation Fee will be required.

**Should you choose not to pay the $35 Appointment Reservation Fee, you can schedule as a “work in” appointment. “Work in” appointments may have longer wait times.

“No shows” will be kept on file for one year. January 1 of each year the count will restart.

Surgical Suite Reservations

Due to “no shows” for scheduled surgeries which result in delayed surgeries for other patients, we will be instituting the following policy: All surgical appointments will require a $50 Surgical Suite Reservation Fee. Again this fee will go towards the surgical fees at your appointment. Cancellation or rescheduling of surgical appointments requires 3 days notice. If 3 days notice is not given then the $50 Surgical Suite Reservation Fee is non-refundable. For example, if you have a surgical appointment for Thursday, you must cancel or reschedule no later than Monday.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this policy. Should you have any questions, please call 904-284-5624.